Civic Media Insights: Jabari Evans, “The Anatomy of Digital Clout(chasing): Examining Social Media Visibility, Relational Labor and Empowerment Strategies of Black Youth in Chicago’s Drill Rap Scene”

Jabari Evans explores the content and character of Drill rap artists' work on social media toward acquiring “clout”- a digital form of influence rooted in Hip-Hop that allows marginalized youth to leverage digital tools in building social status.

Lisa Nakamura, “Women of Color and the Digital Labor of Repair”

The refusal to define women of color's work creating the material infrastructure for digital media as "real" work set the stage for our contemporary moment's hostility against women of color’s work witnessing and documenting racism online and moderating digital environments.

2021 CMS Graduate Thesis Presentations

Join our graduate students as they present their Master's theses to the public. April 16, 2021 10am-12, 12:30-4 Register here, and the Zoom link will be sent to you.

Jonathan Sterne, “Diminished Vocalities: On Prostheses and Abilities”

Most discussions of the voice frame it as a human faculty that is connected to self and agency, as when we say that a political group “has a voice,” or when the tone of voice is taken as expressing a speaker’s inner meaning or selfhood. But how to understand voices that are produced prosthetically?

‘Healing’ Anime in a Pandemic

Join professors Paul Roquet and Ian Condry as they discuss "healing-style" anime, centered on the film A Whisker Away.

CMS Alumni Panel (closed session)

MIT Building E15, Room 318 (Common Area) 20 Ames Street, Cambridge, MA

For current CMS grad students only. Guest alums include Eduardo Marisca, Mariel García Montes, Evan Higgins, and Lilia Kilburn. Hosted by Prof. Heather Hendershot.

Memorial Colloquium for Professor Jing Wang

MIT Building 56, Room 114 Access via 21 Ames Street, Cambridge, MA

At this Colloquium, we publicly honor our late professor Jing Wang's life and work, featuring brief talks by some of those who knew her best.