Futures of Entertainment 2

MIT Media Lab, Bartos Theater 20 Ames Street, Cambridge, MA

Developments in advertising, cult media, metrics, measurement, and accounting for audiences, cultural labor and audience relations.

Futures of Entertainment 3

MIT Media Lab, Bartos Theater 20 Ames Street, Cambridge, MA

This year's conference will work to bring together the themes from last year -- media spreadability, audiences and value, social media, distribution -- with the Consortium's new projects as we move towards an increasingly global understanding of media convergence and content flows.

Media in Transition 6: stone and papyrus, storage and transmission

MIT Building E51 70 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA

What are the implications of the tension between storage and transmission for education, for individual and national identities, for notions of what is public and what is private?

Futures of Entertainment 4

Futures of Entertainment 4 once again brings together key industry leaders and academic scholars who are shaping these new directions in our culture.


Sponsored in part by CMS, ROFLCon is "Two days and two nights of the most epic internet culture conference ever assembled."

ROFLCon 2012

"Informed commentators suggest that this may be the most important gathering of humanity since the fall of the tower of Babel."

Futures of Entertainment 6

MIT Building E51, Wong Auditorium 70 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA

This year's event, Nov. 9-10 at MIT, will look at how media producers and audiences are relating to one another in new ways in a spreadable media landscape.

Media in Transition 10: A Reprise – Democracy and Digital Media

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Concepts of participation, trust, and democracy are increasingly fraught, essential, and powerfully repositioned. How will our news media look and sound in the next decade? What can we learn from news media of the past? What can international perspectives reveal about the variability and fluidity of media landscapes?

Design and Semantics of Form and Movement

Cambridge, MA

DeSForM (Design and Semantics of Form and Movement) seeks to present current research into the nature, character and behavior of emerging typologies of connected and intelligent objects within adaptive systems.

Bearing Witness, Seeking Justice

A conference for diverse constituencies to express their views and to showcase findings on videography as a creative tool in the quest for social justice.