Button Mash: Gender and Gaming at MIT

MIT Building N25, Room 373 5 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA

Issues around gender and gaming, as well as an opportunity for female MIT students who play digital games to come together to talk and play.

Women in Science

MIT Building 66, Room 110 25 Ames Street, Cambridge, MA

Computational geneticist Pardis Sabeti and energy studies expert Jessika Trancik will discuss their careers and the outlook for women in science in the 21st century.

Women in Politics: Representation and Reality

MIT Building 3, Room 270 33 Massachusetts Ave (Rear), Cambridge, MA

Women are chronically underrepresented in U.S. politics. Yet TV shows, fictions, and films have leapt ahead of the electoral curve. Political consultant Mary Anne Marsh and children/teens book author Ellen Emerson White look at the connections (if any) we can draw between representation and reality.