Media in Transition Conference

To celebrate the launch of the graduate program in Comparative Media Studies at MIT, this final event of the Media in Transition Project aims to establish a broad-gauged discussion of our emerging computer culture in the perspective of ancestor technologies and older media.

Media in Transition 3: Television

The third Media in Transition conference centers on television's political and cultural role at the dawn of our new millennium.

Media in Transition 4: The Work of Stories

MIT Media Lab, Bartos Theater 20 Ames Street, Cambridge, MA

This fourth Media in Transition conference explores storytelling as a cultural practice, a social and political activity as well as an art form.

Media in Transition 6: stone and papyrus, storage and transmission

MIT Building E51 70 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA

What are the implications of the tension between storage and transmission for education, for individual and national identities, for notions of what is public and what is private?

Media in Transition 10: A Reprise โ€“ Democracy and Digital Media

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Concepts of participation, trust, and democracy are increasingly fraught, essential, and powerfully repositioned. How will our news media look and sound in the next decade? What can we learn from news media of the past? What can international perspectives reveal about the variability and fluidity of media landscapes?