A Conversation with Junot Díaz

MIT Building 2, Room 105 182 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA

Questions of genre and secondary world construction in The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao and the Caribbean, and the failure of realism as a narrative strategy.

Curveship: Interactive Fiction + Interactive Narration

GAMBIT Game Lab 5 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA

Nick Montfort on a new interactive fiction system that draws on narrative theory and computational linguistics to allow the transformation of the narrating.

Electronic Literature and Future Books

MIT Media Lab, Bartos Theater 20 Ames Street, Cambridge, MA

How has electronic literature influenced other media, including the Web and the book? What are the implications of having literary projects in the digital sphere alongside other forms of communication and art?

Games by the Book: An Exhibit

Hayden Memorial Library 160 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA

The games showcased in this exhibit demonstrate that there is a wide variety of approaches one can follow in adapting literary works into games.

MIT Writers’ Group

MIT Building 12, Room 134 Cambridge, MA

Join other writers to get advice about your own writing, to help other writers, or to get inspiration to write something to share with the group.

Coco Fusco: “A Performance Approach to Primate Politics”

MIT Media Lab, Room 633 75 Amherst St., Cambridge, MA

Coco Fusco New York-based interdisciplinary artist and writer Coco Fusco will consider the critical responses to the original Planet of the Apes films, focusing in particular on the interpretation of the films as critiques of American race relations during the 1960's and '70's. She will also discuss her interest in exploring the strategies used in […]

Science in Fiction

MIT Stata Center, Room 155 32 Vassar Street, Cambridge, MA

Hanya Yanagihara, Alan Lightman, and Rebecca Goldstein discuss the unique challenges of respecting the exacting standards of science in fictional texts.

Coming of Age in Dystopia: The Darkness of Young Adult Fiction

MIT Building 66, Room 110 25 Ames Street, Cambridge, MA

Kristin Cashore and Kenneth Kidd on why dystopias, devastating apocalyptic visions, and tales of personal trauma are such a staple of young adult literature.

The Spooky Science of the Southern Reach: An Evening with Jeff VanderMeer

MIT Building 32 (Stata Center), Room 123 32 Vassar Street, Cambridge, MA

Jeff VanderMeer will discuss his role as one of the leading practitioners of “weird fiction,” the environmental and ecological concerns that inform his work, and his massive crossover success.

Time Traveling with James Gleick

MIT Building 2, Room 190 182 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA

International best-selling author and science historian James Gleick discusses his career, the state of science journalism, and his newest book Time Travel: A History, which delves into the evolution of time travel in literature and science and the thin line between pulp fiction and modern physics.