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Charisse L’Pree, “What is a Media Psychography? A 20-year Methodological Journey”

Thursday, February 25, 2021 @ 5:00 pm 6:30 pm EST

Photo of Charisse L’Pree

What is your relationship with media technologies? When we say things like “I love television,” “I hate the internet,” or “I can’t live without music, ” we implicitly answer this question without explicitly asking it. In her new book, 20th Century Media and the American Psyche: A Strange Love (Routledge 2021), Dr. Charisse L’Pree (MIT SB ’03 CMS, SB ’03 Course 9) addresses the strange love that we have with communication technology – specifically over the past 150 years – and how these relationships with past mediums inform our relationships with newer technologies.

In this talk, L’Pree discusses the role of interdisciplinary research and how she has maneuvered a wide variety of methodologies, including quantitative, qualitative, critical, and applied, in order to answer life’s questions.

L’Pree provides here the first chapter for your listening or reading pleasure ahead of time:

The live talk will focus on the value of cross-methodology research – not just mixed methods – and answer questions from students regarding their own research projects.

You can also read her recent interview (Part 1) with Henry Jenkins here on the complexity on writing a historiography of the psychology of media: http://henryjenkins.org/blog/2021/2/1/an-interview-with-charisse-lpree-corsbie-massay

At Syracuse University, Charisse L’Pree teaches classes on communication and diversity to professional media students, specifically how do media affect our understanding of different social categories and how do the social categories of media producers affect the media with which we all engage. She has mentored over 50 McNair Scholars across disciplines at the University of Southern California, Loyola Marymount University, and Syracuse University since 2008 and was awarded Teacher of the Year from the Newhouse graduating class of 2017.